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European Information Technologies Certification Academy (EITCA) programme is an international professional ICT knowledge and skills certification standard, developed and governed by the EITCI Institute – a non-profit organization based in Brussels, that provides certification of individuals' knowledge and skills in broad field-oriented areas of ICT expertise such as Computer graphics, Information security etc. The EITCA programmes, referred to as EITCA Academies, include selected sets of several to over a dozen of individual EITC programmes, that together comprise a particular area of qualifications.[1][2][3][4]

EITCA Academies[edit]

As of June 2015 the EITCA certification standard includes the following Academies:[2]

A list of EITCA Academy certification programmes
Code name Full name
EITCA/BI EITCA Business Information Technologies Academy
EITCA/CG EICTA Computer Graphics Academy
EITCA/EG EITCA e-Government Information Technologies Academy
EITCA/EL EITCA e-Learning Didactics Technologies Academy
EITCA/IS EITCA Information Technologies Security Academy
EITCA/KC EITCA Information Technologies Key Competencies Academy
EITCA/TC EITCA Information Technologies Telework Competencies Academy

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